“Valter Defends Sarajevo” now in the national monument “Bistrica Station” in Sarajevo

Mayor, Benjamina Karić

The representative of the rich cultural and historical value of our city returns in an authentic way to all citizens and guests of Sarajevo. In cooperation with the Film Center Sarajevo / Film Center Sarajevo, we have enriched the National Monument of BiH with parts of the museum exhibition “Walter Defends Sarajevo”.

The museum exhibition “Walter Defends Sarajevo” was created in 2019 at the Sarajevo Film Center. “Walter Defends Sarajevo” is dedicated to a great film hit conceived in a multimedia presentation of the most important scenes from the film. Numerous authentic exhibits are dominated by the characters of the main actors and te film director.

The exhibits have arrived to their authentic place, source: Mayor Benjamina Karić fb.

Work on the Bistrica station in Sarajevo was completed this month, and this national monument will soon be available to citizens and visitors. Namely, back in 1972, scenes from the film “Walter Defends Sarajevo”, one of the most watched in this area, were filmed at the “Bistrica station”.

The Bistrik railway station was built after the Austro-Hungarian authorities introduced Sarajevo with Slavonski Brod and Budapest by rail in 1882. At that time, there was a need to connect with Sarajevo connections and the eastern parts of BiH, where military garrisons were stationed along the border with Serbia.

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