Sejfudin Tanović - Babo, Hrvoje Bilandžić, Žarko Janković, Bahrudin Bato Čengić, Gojko Šipovac, Đokica Jolić, Nikola Đurđević, Mihajlo Murko.

Film Center Sarajevo is a public company with a mission of preserving the tradition and heritage of cinema. Founder and Assembly of J.P. „Film Center Sarajevo“ is the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the basic goals of Film Center Sarajevo is to work on the improvement of the film industry (production, distribution and development of film culture) and audiovisual section in the Federation of BiH. The aim of Film Center Sarajevo is also to harmonize all the regulations with positive European practices in this field. Film Center Sarajevo promotes BH movie and the industry in whole, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region, Europe and the world.
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