The Perfect Circle (1997)

The Perfect Circle (1997) by director Ademir Kenović and screenwriter Abdulah Sidran is an achievement that most truly depicts all the horrors that the citizens of Sarajevo felt on their skin during the longest siege of a capital city in human history- of full 44 months.

We invite you to the screening and analysis of the film that won the 1997 François Chalais Film Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997. The film shows life in besieged Sarajevo in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere whose streets are surrounded by barricades, destroyed trams, with the constant threat of death by snipers and frantic shelling, and where life is reduced to fighting for basic necessities – water, food, electricity, clothing. The main protagonists of this achievement are two boys, 7-year-old Kerim (Almir Podgorica) and 9-year-old Adis (Almedin Leleta), who, fleeing from a ruthless Chetnik detachment, come from the village to the ruined city and end up in the apartment of poet Hamza (Mustafa Nadarevic).

Date of event: 10.12.2021.

18:00 Screening of the film The Perfect Circle (1997)

20:00 Analysis by prof. Faruk Lončarević

Address: Dženetića čikma 12

Language: BHS and ENG

Admission: Free.

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