This exhibition is created out of the need to point out the rich film heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the same time present and unknown in popular culture. Film heritage is shaped by the specifics of the creative process from which it arises, it depends on the people who articulated it with their work, the stories of films, but also on the stories that films tell. The exhibition seeks to unwind Bosnian film, present Bosnia and Herzegovina’s filmmakers and workers throughout history, and encourage reflection on the complexity and challenges of filmmaking – showing the world and life of film “behind the scenes”. The backbone of the exhibition is the legacy of three production companies: “Bosna film”, “Studio film” and “Sutjeska film”. The exhibition covers the beginnings of organized film production in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1947 with the founding of the first production company “Bosna Film”, through permutations in the organization of film production with the establishment of “Studio” and “Sutjeska Film”, until the 1990s and the 1992-1995 war.

Who were the pioneers and actors of Bosnian film? Under what circumstances are films made in Bosnia and Herzegovina? What topics do filmmakers cover? How is a film made? These are some of the questions that the exhibition “Svakoga dana u svakom pogledu sve više napredujem(o)?” – Bosnian Cinematography from 1947 to 1990” seeks to open a platform for dialogue on the rich film heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is also our contribution to the establishment and development of the future Film Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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