Ines Tanović: The government most easily renounces art when it weighs priorities

The competition program of the Pula Film Festival, which was held from August 29 to September 4, also included the film “Son” by BiH director Ines Tanović. This film opened the Sarajevo Film Festival last year, and has been screened at numerous international festivals since then.
We talked with the film’s director Ines Tanović about “Son”, her participation as a member of the jury at this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival, but also about the state of BiH cinematography. Tanović emphasized that she is extremely honored that her film “Son” is in the program of the Pula Film Festival.

“‘Son’ was lucky to be shown in full glory at the Sarajevo Film Festival at the opening with more than 4,500 people in the audience. The comments were great, emotional, with lots of questions, parents’ concerns for their children, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He touched the audience beyond our borders with his topic, because parents always care how to raise their children, how to put themselves in difficult circumstances, how to prevent a child from going astray, because such challenges are present in all societies “, said director Ines Tanović.

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