Former Studio Jagomir equipped its laboratory and has secured film depot

Another phase of the renovation of the former Jagomir Film Studio has been completed. The primary goal of Sarajevo Film Center, led by General manager Ms. Ines Tanović, is the protection of film heritage. The renovated building of today’s laboratory and the auxiliary depot facility within the former studio complex are a safe place for thousands of 35 mm and 16 mm film tapes.

Today, Fadila Jahića Španca 1 is a center for the restoration film material that has only been physically saved by enthusiastic film workers. The laboratory and depot building, as the first functional object, is interesting for its evolutionary position in the last two years. In addition to giving the film material a dry and temperature-harmonized space, the renovation process brought an exhibition of BH Cinematography that stretches along the walls, office space, laboratory and the film depot.

We are happy to inform you that the facility has reached several more stages of the of restoration and commissioning. In addition to the professional staff who simultaneously analyzed the film material, archived and strategically separated the sick from the healthy films, FCS performed the reconstruction of the roof covering, thermal insulation of the building, installation of the facade and procurement of laboratory and office equipment.

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