Film Center Sarajevo awarded: For the international networking of Slovenian museum thought and work

The project of digitization and digital restoration of the film Slike iz života udarnika (Slike iz života udarnika, director Bahrudin Bato Čengić, 1972) was carried out under the auspices of the Slovenian Cinematheque from May 23, 2022 to April 28, 2023. The project was conceived and implemented by: Bojana Živec, Darko Štrukelj, Ivan Nedoh, Ženja Leiler Kos, Jurij Meden, Karpo Godina, Timotej Lah, Enea Ahmehodžić, Ema Muftarević, Ines Tanović, Paulina Reizi, Mladen Burić, Vjeran Pavlinić, Dinko Majcen, Dinko Čutura, Michael Loebenstein, Alessandra Thiele, Zoran Mihailović, Emil Svetlik, Fran Sokolić, Maja Lovrenov and Julij Zornik.

The film Pictures from the Life of a Striker is an exceptional example not only because of its high artistic value and now also the professionally performed digitization and digital restoration, but also because the film was censored and withdrawn from distribution since its premiere at the Pula Film Festival and then in Venice.

The digital restoration process itself has brought a new way of working, in which the projection film copy is first restored, which becomes the basis for the restoration of the digitized image and tone negative, which provide more image information than the projection film copy.

The value of the project is also reflected in the successful cooperation of experts from the wider international space for the preservation of the common Yugoslav film heritage. At the same time, the project initiated a dialogue between institutions for the maintenance and preservation of film heritage from the area of the former commonwealth. The continuity of the project is guaranteed, as they are already looking for opportunities for systematic, faster and more efficient digitization and restoration of the shared film heritage with partners from the wider region.


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