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cast & crew

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Running time:

1h 41 min



The original format:


Digital format:

DV PAL 720 x 576

Directed by:

Nikola Stojanović

Screenplay by:

Nikola Stojanović


Olivera Katarina, Adem Čejvan, Predrag Ejdus, Vlasta Knezović

Production company:

Bosna film Sarajevo

Director of photography:

Aleksandar Vesligaj

Music by:

Kornelije Kovač


Vlado Branković

Costume design:

Aleksandar Joksimović

Edited by:

Blanka Jelić


A young journalist, somewhat socially awkward is sent to a small Bosnian town to interview people on happiness. The most influential man in the place offers him hospitality and the journalist is now his guest. The host’s wife, very attractive woman shows interest in the young man. At the same time, the journalist mixes up with local affair and has a romance with a student. As the survey progresses, the position of the young men gets complicated. However, the situation resolves unexpectedly and with a twist in a tale.[/vc_column_text]


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