Free kino Valter opening at 5th of November

We’re happy to announce that with the financial help of the Sarajevo Municipality of Centar, a projector was purchased, which finalized the opening of the Free Valter Cinema. The first screenings start on November 5, and cinema visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality documentaries for free.

“The essence is that everything the center offers is free. We created the center’s website, and at this year’s competition we received funds for two of the nine proposed projects. I am especially happy that one of the approved projects “How To Read a Movie”, whose implementation begins at 5th of Novemeber. At the head of this project will be the professor of the Academy of Performing Arts Faruk Lončarević, and the lectures will be open and free for all. The entire film history will be covered, therefore, from its beginnings until today. “

Ines Tanović, executive director
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