BiH Film Museum

M useum has its two main segments located at different locations.

Walter Defends Sarajevo is a permanent exhibition of the film museum dedicated to the glorious action film by movie director Hajrudin Šibe Krvavac (1926-1992), located at Old Bistrik Realway Station. The exhibition is an attractive combination of wax figures, stage reconstructions from film, video and audio multimedia, whit rich documentation of this cult film and the historical background on which the film is based.


“BH Cinematography 1947 – 1995” is the second part of the BiH Film Museum. It is located in the former Film Studio Jagomir, FCS Studio. Visitors meet with newly restored studio, film depo and educationally designed parts of the exhibition. We offer you insight in the feature film timeline, as well the Bosnian Cinematography from 1947th till 1995th with an emphasis on the people behind the scene who took a big role in making a film in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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