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In honor of Milena Dravić, Film Center Sarajevo displays film “Doors remain open” in Kriterion Cinema

In honor of Milena Dravić, Film Center Sarajevo displays film “Doors remain open” in Kriterion Cinema

On the occasion of the death of Milena Dravić, the great actress of the former Yugoslavian cinema, who marked the history of BH cinema with her roles, Film Center Sarajevo in partnership with Cinema Kriterion organizes a special projection of the movie “The Doors Remain Open” that will be held on Friday, October 19, at 8 pm.

This is the first feature movie in which Milena Dravić acted. The movie was made in 1959, in the production of Bosnia film.

Milena Dravić, among others, has performed her great roles in many works of BH cinema: “Kozara” (1962) and “The Battle of Neretva” (1969) by Veljko Bulajic, “People’s Deputy” (1964) by Stole Janković, “Horoscope” (1969) by Bora Drasković, “Sutjeska” (1973) by Stipe Delić, “Freckled Girl” (1973) by Mirza Idrizović, featured TV movie “Ukazanje Gospe u selu Grabovica” (1985) by Bata Cengić, and in the popular TV series “Crazy, confused, normal” “(2007-2015) by Fejed Isović and Elmir Jukić.

Her entire film and television roles marked an whole epoch and is considered one of the icons of the famous Yugoslavian cinema. She has won many great acting awards, including two Golden Arenas for the best female role, as well as prizes for best actress in “Morning”, Golden Rose Award at the Venice Film Festival and a special award for the role in the film “Special Treatment” at the Film Festival in Cannes.

“She was a great friend of BiH and Sarajevo, who proved her artistic and social engagement during the war and years after. In recognition of her work, the Film Center Sarajevo and Kriterion Cinema are organizing a special screening of her first feature film and recollecting her work and life on Friday, at 20:00 o’clock. The screening is free and open to all the numerous associates, friends and adherents of her work and life”, announced Film Center Sarajevo.

Film “Vrata ostaju otvorena” je priča o Petru, maloljetnom delinkventu koji bježi iz popravnog doma i nastojeći pronaći utočište odgovara na oglas porodice koja traži unuka nestalog u Drugom svjetskom ratu. Radnja prikazuje kako njegove planove da ih prevari i opljačka poremeti to što prvi put u životu bude dočekan ljubavlju i pažnjom, kao i to da se zaljubio u svoju “sestru”. Radnja filma se dešava između Sarajeva, Konjica, Zagreba i Beograda.

The movie “The Doors Remain Open” is a story about Peter, a juvenile delinquent fleeing from a correctional home and trying to find a haven. He responds to the ad of a family looking for a grandson gone missing in World War II. The plot shows how his plans to deceive and rob them, were spoiled by their love and care for him, for the first time in his life, and that he fell in love with his “sister”. The film’s location takes place between Sarajevo, Konjic, Zagreb and Belgrade.