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Hajrudin Šiba Krvavac’s Day

Hajrudin Šiba Krvavac’s Day

Hajrudin Šibe Krvavac’s Day is a special program by which the Association of Directors and Directors in BiH marks the 92nd birthday of one of the largest BiH filmmakers, genre masters and one of the most watched directors in the world. His strong personality authorship, coupled with his rare craftsmanship and sense of spectacle and action in the function of emotional antagonism of the audience, and not the celebration of this or that ideology, has brought a whole new value to Ex-Yu and BiH’s cinematography. On December 22 at the Meeting Point cinema on the film “Diverzanti” will be spoken by Nebojša Jovanović, and after the lecture will be shown Film “DIVERZANTI”.

In this way, the Association of Directors and Directors in BiH continues to emphasize the enormous importance of the director in our culture and their lasting influence as they are not only the cultural but also the social image of a society, but because of the nature of the work are not clearly visible. The Day of the Bloody Devil, besides the celebration of film art, wants to bring awareness and inspiration to the new generations who are almost unbeknownst to one of the most important BiH artists.

The Sarajevo Film Center is a partner of this memorable event.

(URiRuBiH / FCS)