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Film Center Sarajevo: Screening of “Doors remain open” movie in honor of Milena Dravić

Film Center Sarajevo: Screening of “Doors remain open” movie in honor of Milena Dravić

On the occasion of Milena Dravić passing away, the great actress of the former Yugoslavian cinema, who marked her role in the history of the Bosnian film, Film Center Sarajevo, in partnership with cinema Kriterion, organizes a special screening of the DOORS REMAIN OPEN movie from 1959, which is at the same time the first feature film in which this actress played.

In addition to all others, Milena Dravić performed her great roles in the works of Bosnian-Herzegovinian cinema: KOZARA (1962) and BATTLE OF NERETVA (1969) by Veljko Bulajić, PEOPLE’S DEPUTY (1964) by Stole Jankovic, HOROSCOPE (1969) by Bora Draskovic, SUTJESKA (1973) by Stipe Delić, FRECKLED GIRL (1973) by Mirza Idrizović, a feature TV movie BATTLE IN GRABOVICA (1985) by Bata Čengić, and in the popular TV series Crazy, Confused, Normal (2007-2015) by Feđa Isović and Elmir Jukić.

Her entire movie and television roles marked an entire epoch and is considered one of the icons of the famous YU cinema. She has won many great acting awards, including two Golden Arenas for the best female role, and the Golden Rose award at the Venice Film Festival for her role in the film MORNING and a special award for the role in the SPECIAL TREATMENT film at the Cannes Film Festival.

She was a great friend of BiH and Sarajevo, which she proved by her artistic and social engagement during the war and many years after that.

The screening of the movie DOORS REMAIN OPEN is free and open to all the numerous associates, friends and admirers of her work and life.