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Film Center Sarajevo: With bare Hands (2017-2019)

Film Center Sarajevo: With bare Hands (2017-2019)

The exit from the great crisis and complete stabilization of Film Center Sarajevo was made primarily with “bare hands” by the employees of this public company, and that is why we are proud to welcome this great holiday in the glory of our Bosnia and Herezgovina


These days, we celebrate National Day of BiH and on this occasion SUBNOR BiH and the Canton of Sarajevo are organizing a celebration on November 25th at the National Theater of Sarajevo. The centerpiece of the program is the screening of the 1981 documentary „With Bare Hands” directed by Hajrudin Siba Krvavac, which discusses the construction and development of BiH after World War II. This movie is being shown in collaboration with the Film Center Sarajevo.


The film is an exciting testimony of generations that built BiH in that era, but it is also inspiring for today’s generation that wants to see this country as a prosperous developing society.


Two years ago, when we decided to revitalize one stumbling public company, this film was also an inspiration to us at the Film Center Sarajevo.

We are proud that we have succeeded in doing that with our “bare hands”.

The situation we found at the end of 2017 was as it follows:

– a public company did not have a management board nor the Director for almost 3 years
– the public company debt exceeded 350,000 KM
-Permanent employees did not receive salaries for their work for almost 3 years
– More than 150 000 KM was under executive court judgments
– We have been subjected to several lawsuits by employees, members of the Audit Committee, as well as third parties and service providers, against a public company due to non-payment issues under various contracts;
– all public company’s premises were locked and unprotected, although Film Center Sarajevo is the owner of the largest film archive in BiH, which is a true cultural treasure of BiH:
– electricity, water, heating, telephones and internet were switched off;
– the public company was without basic conditions for work;
– we had a complete cessation of all business activities;
– we were under pressure for the company going bankrupt and all of the property would have been privatized.


– Today the situation in the public company „Film Center Sarajevo“, on the eve of November 25, 2019 is as it follows:

– all debts of the public company from the past (over 350,000 KM) were repaid;

– all salaries were paid, with accompanying tax and other obligations to employees of the public company (in 2018 alone, 54 salaries were paid), as well as all other obligations to former associates, members of the Audit Committee and other committees hired as a part of legal obligations of a public company;
– positive business operation and complete liquidity of the public company is ensured trough:
– all court cases from the past have been resolved
– we have revitalized the public company in terms of staff;
– all premises of the public company have been completely renovated or put into operation:
– adequate protection of property and movable cultural property of BiH has been established;
– we continued digitalisation of the film catalog of the Film Center Sarajevo;
– all titles from the movie catalog are being processed technically (over 800 films)
– The museum “Valter brani Sarajevo” had been built and opened, which in the short term became one of Sarajevo’s tourist attractions.
– we ensured the distribution and presentation of the catalog titles of the Film Center Sarajevo in BiH, countries of the region and the world.
– the Final negotiations with our partners from China and USA are beeing underway for the purpose of remaking the movie called “The Bridge”;
– the remake of the movie “Valter Defend Sarajevo” with regional and world partners has been activated;
– 12 film programs and retrospectives from company’s film catalog were organized in BiH, region and world (Austria, Germany, Norway, France, Turkey);
– we stopped attempts to illegally seize property on the premises of the former Jagomir film studio (20,000 square meters);
– preparations have been started for the construction of the Film City in the space of the former Jagomir Film Studio;
– Development and other partnership projects and jobs are ensured that provide guarantees for the accelerated development of this public company of strategic interest for the Federation of BiH.

All of this was done primarily by the “bare hands” of Film Center Sarajevo employees and that is why we are proud to welcome a great holiday in the glory of BiH.


Collective of Film Center Sarajevo