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Application for the development of movie projects

in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  After a successful financial and business consolidation of the JP Film Center Sarajevo caused by long-standing blockages in the company’s operations and accumulated debts over a period of three years of non-functioning of the center, the new management of this public company created the preconditions and capacities for entering a new stage of development of this strategic public company for cinema in Federation of BiH. The financial consolidation of the Film Center has been largely done through its own business activities and the sale of TV rights to the film catalog of the center in the region (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro), and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Federation of BiH and the Foundation for Cinematography .

Film Center Sarajevo

      This fall, several new programming projects are planned that will, in addition to protecting and digitizing the film archives of the Film Center Sarajevo, be in the function of supporting ongoing film production in BiH and its promotion in BiH, the region and the world. The first significant project in this direction will be the announcement of a public competition for the development of new film (feature, short, documentary and animated) projects in BiH.

      The application will be open to all authorial-production teams in the country, with the aim of encouraging the development of new film projects and productions in BiH in a major crisis caused by the lack of adequate legal and other solutions to ensure the continuity of the film industry in BiH. The application will be announced by the beginning of November this year on the new website of the center that is under construction and in the public media, and its first results are expected in January next year. The competition procedure will be public and transparent, and for its needs, the Film Center of Sarajevo will be selected by an expert jury composed of prominent female workers from BiH. The selected projects will receive financial support, as well as technical and institutional support and promotion in BiH, the region and the world.

      Detailed rules and procedures of the applications will be published together with the text of the application, and all interested additional information can be obtained by mail:

Sarajevo, September 26, 2018